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PARTEQ marks 25 years of advancing research discoveries

PARTEQ Innovations has helped Queen’s University research effect change and affect lives around the globe for the past 25 years. PARTEQ works with university researchers and the business and finance communities to bring the benefits of scientific discovery to the public. Since 1987, Queen’s discoveries have returned over $30 million to the university and its inventors.

“Today, the importance of advancing innovative research discoveries to the market is a given,” says John Molloy, President and CEO, PARTEQ. “But a quarter-century ago, the climate for research commercialization was not so receptive, and very few Canadian universities had the desire or wherewithal to undertake it. Fortunately Queen’s had the vision to support a then-radical approach to translating its researchers’ discoveries into beneficial products and processes.

Starting in 1988, PARTEQ and its inventors tapped into the pool of Queen’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a goal of creating several new startup companies. Since then, PARTEQ has helped launch BKIN Technologies Ltd., Cytochroma Inc., Neurochem Inc., Datec Coating Corp., Endetec, SPARQ Systems Inc., Switchable Solutions Inc. and Green Centre Canada, among many others.

At least 40 graduates and postdoctoral fellows have seen their work at Queen’s evolve into a career at PARTEQ spinoff companies.

“Today, PARTEQ’s not-for-profit, ‘do what it takes’ model, with its focus on having the right people with the right expertise and networks, has not only reaped benefits for Queen’s – it has been emulated by many other institutions,” says Mr. Molloy.

Visit PARTEQ Innovations for more information.