PARTEQ signs first commercial agreement with China-based corporation

PARTEQ signs first commercial agreement with China-based corporation

October 24, 2013


By Rosie Hales, Communications Officer

After months of discussion, PARTEQ Innovations have signed an agreement with Tianjin Jet-Mate Technology Company, the first successful business agreement for PARTEQ with a China-based corporation on a Queen’s University technology.  This was a highlight of the recent Ontario-China forum held in Toronto on October 9th.

“This agreement is a demonstration of the innovations produced at Queen’s University and supports our research excellence,” says Michael Wells, Manager, Commercial Development at PARTEQ Innovations. “To that end, Jet-Mate’s willingness to start up research in Ontario also supported them as a strong partner in commercializing these unique chemical compounds.”

Jet-Mate is interested in the commercialization of compounds with unique luminescent properties from the laboratory of Suning Wang, an internationally recognized leader in luminescent materials and professor in the Department of Chemistry.

These materials can be used as invisible inks or paints because of its transparency under white light and vibrant colours under black light. These inks can also tolerate temperatures of up to 250˚C, making it a candidate to become a universal invisible ink for different types of printers.

These inks are used in a variety of areas, such as the entertainment industry for decorative purposes, or for crime prevention. 

“Bringing together sophisticated research with unique and challenging commercial applications is where PARTEQ really excels,” says Anne Vivian-Scott, President  & CEO (Acting). “We are very excited to be able to announce this first of a kind relationship for us and trust that it is just the beginning of a successful commercial relationship between Dr. Wang's lab and Jet Mate." 

 The agreement also shows the journey of a lab-discovered substance to an industrially used product and will allow for the commercialization of Dr. Wang’s luminescent materials