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Principal Daniel Woolf seeks re-appointment

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf has indicated he wishes to be considered for reappointment.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf will complete his current term in June 2014 and has indicated he wishes to be considered for reappointment.

The Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship, chaired by Chancellor David Dodge, will advise the Board of Trustees on Principal Woolf’s reappointment.

The Queen’s community is invited and encouraged to submit to the committee their views on the principalship, and on the present state and future development of the university as they relate to the principalship. The review process is confidential and the committee will hold all submissions in complete confidence.

“As the committee will be considering many aspects of the Principal’s leadership of the University”, says Chancellor Dodge, “input from the Queen’s community is very important to this process”.

The committee’s web page provides information about the committee, and updates as appropriate on their work and on the selection process. An online form is provided for community members wishing to comment by February 15, 2013.

Members of the committee are: David Dodge (Chair); Toby Abramsky, David Bakhurst, Karyn Brooks, Meghan Brunner, Bob Burge, George Farah, Nick Francis, Greg Jerkiewicz, Doug Johnson, Nancy McCormack, Kelley McKinnon, Bruce Mitchell, Patrick Oosthuizen, Barb Palk, Don Raymond, Richard Reznick, Matthew Scribner, Dan Tisch, Irene Bujara (Equity) non-voting advisor to the committee; Lon Knox, Secretary.

Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. An accessible version of this survey is available on request. For more information please contact Gail MacAllister at principal.review@queensu.ca, 613-533-6095 or in person at Room 153, Richardson Hall.