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Principal Woolf announces his priorities for 2013-2014

In 2012, Principal Woolf proposed some goals for the University in The Third Juncture: Some Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of Queen’s University over the Next Decade. The long-term goals outlined in that document include achieving financial sustainability, positioning Queen’s as a Canadian university fundraising leader, and dramatically improving Queen’s international profile.

A major activity for 2013-2014, and for subsequent years, will be the continuing implementation of the Senate-approved Strategic Research Plan, with its emphasis on research prominence, and the Academic Plan, which is focused on the student-learning experience, while making progress on our internationalization goals, which will see us both expanding our global profile and bringing more of the world’s top students and scholars to campus.

As such, the Principal’s priorities for Queen’s in 2013-2014 include:

  • Strengthen the Student Learning Experience. In 2013-2014, attention will focus on improving student engagement and working to identify students’ learning outcomes in a bid to continue meeting their needs, both on campus and in the future.
  • Develop Educational Opportunities for Students. Developing expanded credentials and more experiential and entrepreneurial educational opportunities will better prepare our students for their post-degree entry into the work force.
  • Increase Research Funding. Guiding and supporting our research enterprise will ensure that we strengthen our already aggressive pursuit of funding as we work to sustain research prominence.
  • Pursue Financial Sustainability. Following the activity-based budget model, we will pursue the growth and diversification of our revenue, while reducing our dependence on unstable sources.
  • Continue Success of Initiative Campaign. After exceeding our $60 million annual goal in the last fiscal year, we will build on that momentum as we work towards our 2016 Campaign goal.
  • Begin Planning for 175th Anniversary Celebrations. A recently approved committee will begin meeting to plan for the University’s 175th anniversary celebrations in 2016.
  • Continue Governance Reform. With reform of the Board and University Council largely complete, and Senate reform well under way, the focus will be on continuing and enhancing the effectiveness of all three bodies and enabling dialogue between them.