Principal Woolf condemns attack on Queen's students

Principal Woolf condemns attack on Queen's students

October 10, 2013


Principal Daniel Woolf says he is deeply concerned to hear about an attack that’s being described as a hate crime on a group of Queen’s students in Kingston’s north end over the weekend.

The six students, who are all Muslim, were walking home along Patrick Street after seeing a movie on Saturday night. As they neared Fraser Street, they were allegedly chased down and attacked by four men on bicycles. The men began by making derogatory comments before one pulled out a weapon and began hitting one of the students. The students were able to flee the scene and take cover in a backyard, and only minor injuries have been reported. The case has been assigned to the Major Crime unit and is being investigated as a hate crime.

“I am very concerned about this incident,” says Principal Daniel Woolf. “I am shocked and dismayed to learn that anyone in this community would be the victim of an unprovoked attack of this kind, let alone six of our students. I can only imagine how shaken they must be feeling after this incident, and my thoughts are with them. I want to assure them that Queen’s is committed to protecting our faculty, staff and students from hate and discrimination of all kinds. I am also grateful to the Kingston Police for their investigative work in this case."