Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf reappointed for a second term

Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf reappointed for a second term

March 18, 2013


The Board of Trustees of Queen’s University has reappointed Daniel Woolf to serve a second term as Principal and Vice-Chancellor following the conclusion of his current term next year. The term of reappointment will be effective July 1, 2014 and will conclude on June 30, 2019.

“Queen’s has made great strides under Dr. Woolf’s leadership, with a renewed vision, strategy and plan focused on research excellence and a transformative learning experience,” says Barbara Palk, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “The Board-Senate committee reviewing the principalship believes that Daniel has two key attributes Queen’s values in a Principal; he is an outstanding academic and a thoughtful, strategic leader. He was highly receptive to the Queen’s community’s feedback on his first term, and is committed to collaboration and accountability in planning for the next five years.”

The Board of Trustees made the decision to reappoint Dr. Woolf at a meeting on March 15, 2013, on the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Board-Senate Committee to Review the Principalship chaired by Chancellor David Dodge. The committee consulted widely and reviewed more than 100 submissions from faculty, students, alumni, donors, and key external stakeholders, some representing large constituencies.

The Board, through the Human Resources Committee, will continue to assess the Principal’s progress against his objectives annually through a 360-degree review that takes into account the views of stakeholders both within and outside of the university.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve Queen's for a second term as Principal," Dr. Woolf says. "I have learned an incredible amount from our students, faculty and staff and pledge to bring energy and collegiality to implementing our strategic plans, leading our Initiative Campaign and representing Queen's within and beyond Canada. This is a time of great challenges for Canadian universities, and great opportunities for Queen's to lead the way as one of the nation's top institutions."


Chancellor Dodge expressed his thanks to the Queen’s community for its feedback on the Principal’s first term.


“I thank the Board-Senate committee members – faculty, staff and students - who worked hard over the past two and a half months on the process leading to Dr. Woolf’s reappointment,” the Chancellor says. “The process leading to the recommendation was broadly consultative and submissions were received from stakeholders across the university, from our peer research and educational institutions throughout the country and from our dedicated and engaged alumni across the globe.”

The members of the committee are: David Dodge (Chair), Toby Abramsky, David Bakhurst, Karyn Brooks, Meghan Brunner, Bob Burge, George Farah, Nick Francis, Greg Jerkiewicz, Doug Johnson, Nancy McCormack, Bruce Mitchell, Patrick Oosthuizen, Barb Palk, Chair, Board of Trustees; David Pattenden, Don Raymond, Richard Reznick, Matthew Scribner, President, Daniel Tisch. Non-voting advisor to the Joint Committee: Irene Bujara (Equity), Secretary: Lon Knox, Recording Secretary:  Gail MacAllister. 

Dr. Woolf is currently the 20th Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s and is an alumnus of the university.  His academic career includes time at Queen's, Bishop's University, Dalhousie University, McMaster University and the University of Alberta. He is a specialist in early modern British cultural history and in the history of historical thought and writing both in Britain and globally.  Dr. Woolf is a professor in the Department of History at Queen’s.