Senate task force hosts town hall on online learning

Senate task force hosts town hall on online learning

April 1, 2013


The Senate Academic Planning Task Force (SAPTF) is hosting a town hall to receive comments about its recently released draft report on virtualization and online learning. All interested members of the Queen’s community are invited to attend on Tuesday, April 2 at 5:30 pm in Ellis Auditorium.

The SAPTF was mandated to study virtualization and online learning within the Queen’s context after the university’s academic plan was adopted, and to put forward recommendations for Senate.

“The task force began its work by considering the wealth of commentary and debate generated around online learning during the academic planning process,” said SAPTF Chair Christopher Moyes, who is also a professor in the Department of Biology. “Tuesday’s town hall will be an excellent forum to continue this discussion in light of the committee’s draft report.”

The SAPTF met with individuals and groups over the course of preparing its draft report, in addition to using surveys to gather information about current virtualization and online learning practices at Queen’s.

The report, which was released March 21, proposes 18 specific recommendations aimed at informing Queen’s policy and planning around virtualization and online learning in the broader context of the overall student experience.

“It’s not just about the technology,” adds Dr. Moyes. “It’s about what we can do, as an institution, to support best practices in teaching and learning and to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.”

The draft report is posted to the SAPTF’s webpage. In addition to attending Tuesday’s town hall, members of the Queen’s community can submit their written comments via the website or directly to the task force by email.