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University to perform classroom utilization survey

By Mark Kerr, Senior Communications Officer

The university will survey the utilization of its classroom spaces during the week of March 17-21.

“The goal of the survey is to help us improve classroom utilization, ensuring students and instructors have access to the most suitable space to support their learning and teaching experiences,” says Deputy Provost Laeeque Daneshmend.

Six surveyors will conduct a room-by-room survey of instructional spaces between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm during the five-day period. For the most part, surveyors will simply look through the classroom door or window to see if a class is going on. The only time they will need to enter the classroom is to determine if the room is hosting a scheduled class or an informal gathering of students.

Each surveyor will be responsible for checking approximately 20 classrooms every hour. They will wear a name badge that identifies them as working on the classroom utilization survey.

Educational Consulting Services is coordinating and managing the classroom utilization survey on behalf of Queen’s. Questions or concerns can be directed to Yvonne Holland, Campus Planning Manager, by email or ext. 33374.