Available Experts: Anticipating the Federal Budget

Available Experts: Anticipating the Federal Budget

April 16, 2024


The Federal Budget is set to be released on April 16. Queen’s experts are available to speak to media on a variety of topics including housing, the carbon tax, household spending, and deficits.

Kathy Brock (Political Studies) Dr. Brock is able to analyze the budget in terms of perception. As the election looms, the government needs to balance perceptions that it is over-spending against the public demands for assistance to make life more affordable. Not only are the public and opposition parties watching closely but so are the provinces and territories, further complicating this budget. 

Don Drummond (Policy Studies) Prof. Drummond can speak to all aspects of the budget.

Ryan Grant (Smith Engineering) Dr. Grant can speak about AI computing capabilities and technical infrastructure.

Eugene Lang (Policy Studies) Prof. Lang can speak to federal spending, deficits, and taxation.

Warren Mabee (Geography and Planning) Dr. Mabee can talk about carbon taxes and the green transition.

Michael Trendota (Geography and Planning) Prof. Trendota can speak to housing in the form of government incentives to build more supply or policy changes to support renters and help prospective buyers get into the housing market.

Please email mediarelations@queensu.ca if interested in setting up an interview.