News Release - Queen's makes a contribution of $750,000 over five years to support City services

News Release - Queen's makes a contribution of $750,000 over five years to support City services

February 24, 2022


KINGSTON, ON –Queen’s University will make annual contributions to the City of Kingston totaling $750,000 over five years, in recognition of the additional pressures on some city services as a result of events that occur throughout the year. The announcement was made by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane, and will see the university make annual contributions of $150,000 each year over five years.

“The university felt that a financial contribution to the City was an appropriate way to acknowledge and address some of the additional pressures placed on our municipal services throughout the year,” said Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane. “As an active and supportive member of the Kingston community, the university recognizes and appreciates the hard work of our many municipal and community partners.”

The funding comes after a February 15 announcement of a municipal partners task force to be chaired by Principal Deane in an effort to address large street parties in the community. Both initiatives are part of the university’s ongoing commitment to strengthening ties with the City and build a safe and welcoming community for all.

“Our universities, and our society, are grappling with significant social issues that require working together on strategies that will lessen the burden on city and other social services. The challenges we face are complex and as members of the Kingston community, we are committed to doing the work alongside our partners required to introduce real and lasting positive change,” said Principal Deane.


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