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    $3.6 million boost for social sciences and humanities research

    Federal funding announced today included support for 21 Queen’s researchers.

    Today the Government of Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) announced the results of grants under the umbrella of the Insight Program, which aims to advance our understanding of how individuals and societies think, live, and interact with each other and with the world around them. The program has a special focus on research that addresses complex societal challenges and opportunities.

    “Now, more than ever, social sciences and humanities research plays an integral role as we navigate through the post-COVID-19 reality and continue to build a healthier, stronger and more prosperous Canada,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “These grants enable scholars to address complex issues about communities and societies, and to further our collective understanding so we can build a better future for all Canadians.”

    Twenty one Queen’s researchers received funds totaling $ 3.6 million to advance their research projects.

    “These important SSHRC programs fund projects at all stages of the research continuum – from early investigation to the dissemination of results,” says Nancy Ross, Vice-Principal (Research). “The Queen’s projects all approach societal challenges in creative and innovative ways and, ultimately, support us in better understanding the world around us.”

    The Insight Grants provide long term support (over two to five years) to research initiatives led by emerging and established scholars. Applicants are encouraged to consider addressing one or more of the 16 future global challenges identified by the SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future initiative.

    The Partnership Development Grants fund new or existing teams doing research or activities – including knowledge mobilization – in the social sciences and humanities, or designing and testing new models for research and related activities that can be amplified to a regional, national, or international level.

    Finally, the Aid to Scholarly Journals aims to increase the dissemination of research results and encourage open-access publishing by supporting journals and their distribution on Canadian non-profit platforms.

    For more information on the Queen’s recipients, please see below:

    Insight Grants



    Awarded amount

    Robert Clark

    AI-Powered Algorithmic Pricing and Collusion

    $ 82,224

    Dan Cohen

    Engine of inequality? Central Banks, Economic Crisis, and Uneven Development

    $ 359,643

    Christopher DeLuca

    Addressing Systemic Assessment Challenges and Inequities:  A Pan-Canadian Study Mobilizing Teacher-led Assessment Innovation

    $ 330,300

    W. George Lovell

    Tracking the Archbishop: Cartography and the Depiction of Empire in Pedro Cortés y Larraz's Moral Geography of Guatemala, 1768-70

    $ 97,093

    Ryan Riordan

    Carbon Finance: Can markets help in the fight against climate change?

    $ 223,358

    Darryl Robinson

    A Critical Path for Ecocide

    $ 83,276

    Awet Weldemichael

    Somalia after Piracy: The Political Economy of Maritime Resource Conflict in the Western Indian Ocean

    $ 98,815

    Beverley Baines

    Transforming Judicial Outcomes for Women in Canada and Brazil

    $ 69,745

    Leandre Fabrigar

    Solving the Objective-Subjective Attitude Structure Measurement Puzzle

    $ 214,585

    J. Andrew Grant

    From International Best Practices to Conflict Prevention: Improving Security Governance and Protecting Human Rights in Natural Resource Sectors

    $ 252,969


    Thorsten Koeppl

    Payments and Privacy

    $ 61,940

    Valerie Kuhlmeier

    The Social Learning of Sharing Behaviour

    $ 184,233

    V. Carolyn Prouse

    Tracking the Virus Hunters: The Power-Laden Geographies of Biosurveillance Economies

    $ 216,875

    Evan Dudley

    Human-machine interactions in the over-the-counter market

    $ 173,611

    Laila Haidarali

    Beauty and 'The Unfinished Business of Democracy':  Black Women, Fashion, and Modelling, 1945 -1955

    $ 145,436

    David Parker

    Policymaking in the Mirror: Global Knowledge, National Image, and the "Social Question" in South America 1889-1943

    $ 65,044

    Sergio Sismondo

    Epistemic Corruption

    $ 266,369

    Rebecca Hall

    Futures of Care: Community Challenges to Extraction in South Africa and Canada

    $ 384,694

    Partnership Development Grants



    Awarded amount

    Eva Purkey

    Mobilizing Community-Led Action: What Helps Families Thrive in the Context of Adversity During the COVID19 Pandemic and Beyond

    $ 189,062

    Aid to Scholarly Journals



    Awarded amount

    David Murakami Wood

    Surveillance & Society

    $ 88,200

    David Gordon

    Canadian Planning and Policy

    $ 68,700