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A bloom of thanks

  • [Library cafe]
    Library staff surprise the library’s café workers, Kim Crawford and Cindy Delaney, with flowers and cards.
  • [Library cafe]
    Library staff Valerie Ashford (L) and Lori Vos (R) present flowers to café staff Kim Crawford and Cindy Delaney.
  • [Library cafe]
    The library's staff also presented the library’s café workers, Kim and Cindy, with a handmade card to thank them for a busy year.

The women who keep students and staff fuelled with coffee and snacks in Stauffer Library got a sweet-smelling surprise to mark their last day of work for the academic year. The library staff and those who work in Student Academic Success Services (SASS) took up a collection and surprised the pair with bouquets of flowers and cards to thank them for their hard work in 2014-2015. 

“Everybody loves Kim and Cindy because they are unfailingly kind and good-humoured,” says Valerie Ashford, Writing Specialist and Workshop Coordinator with Student Academic Success Services, who helped organize the gift. 

“They really embody the sort of kindness that keeps you going when it’s 9:30pm and you still have to keep studying,” agrees Tracy Bell, a Master’s student in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, who stopped by the kiosk while the flowers were being presented. “They are the kind of people who would go into their own wallets to help out a student who needed it. They want to make sure everyone gets the nutrition they need, without any judgement or hesitation.” 

The library kiosk will be closed for the summer and will reopen in September.

Visit the Hospitality Services website to view the hours of operation for on-campus retail outlets during the spring and summer months.