Building Community Together


Building Community Together

The new academic year is around the corner, and Queen’s is reaching out to students to help them stay safe and be respectful members of the Kingston community.

By Communications Staff

August 31, 2023


Image of three different phone screens each displaying a different message to Queen's students about harm reduction resources or safe behaviour.
Queen's is connecting students with resources and encouraging safe and responsible behaviour through targeted posts on the social media channels they use most.

Today, Queen’s launched Building Community Together, a coordinated effort to connect with students in person and, through a targeted social media campaign, to welcome them and to encourage safe and responsible behaviour as they return to Kingston or arrive for the first time.

“As I am sure we all remember, the start of the school year is an exciting time for students, as they reconnect with friends or make their first connections with other incoming students,” says Matthew Evans, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic). “We want our students both to feel welcomed and to keep in mind that they have responsibilities to the Queen’s and Kingston communities of which  they are a part. The Building Community together social media campaign aims to reinforce that messaging directly to students.”

University representatives, as well as city and community partners, will be knocking on doors in near-campus neighourhoods over the coming days to welcome students and distribute resources, including information about the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI), which is in effect throughout the move-in and orientation period. First-year undergraduate students will also take part in the university’s orientation events, where themes of safe and respectful behaviour will be emphasized. The university has also been collaborating with our community partners to ensure that messages and information from the City of Kingston, Frontenac Paramedics, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, KFL&A Public Health, and Kingston Police are reflected and amplified in the messages.

The social media campaign consists of a phased series of social posts and ads on channels favoured by students, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The campaign will also reach the broader Kingston community.

“Queen’s students bring our campus to life, and they make a significant impact on the Kingston community each year through fundraising and volunteering efforts. So we are thrilled to welcome them back,” says Michael Fraser, Vice-Principal (University Relations). “At the same time, we want to make sure they have the information they need to contribute to a healthy, prosperous, and inclusive Kingston. In the Building Community Together campaign, students will find resources to help them make our campus and our city safe and a respectful environment for all.”

Ads began appearing in late August and direct students to a webpage with information about how to celebrate safely and important messages about harm reduction and wellness services at Queen’s.

The harm reduction messages promote awareness of the Campus Observation Room (COR) — an on-campus, confidential overnight alcohol detox service for Queen’s students — as well as safe drinking tips from peers.

To support the university’s goal of creating a campus free from sexual violence, the Building Community Together campaign is also promoting Queen’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Services office. These ads encourage students to build a community of consent and direct students to resources where they can seek help or learn how to support survivors.

Students will see these targeted posts throughout September and October.

Follow Queen's social media channels to see posts from the campaign.

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