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    Celebrating inspiring women

    The Ban Righ Foundation honours a faculty member and a local community builder.

    The Ban Righ Foundation will be holding its fourth annual Inspiring Women event at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts on Oct. 23.

    The event, which is free to attend and open to the public, celebrates women who inspire and make a difference in the community. In addition to the awards ceremony, the evening will feature a keynote by Stephanie Simpson, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion) and will include performances by poet Britta B, jazz singer Michelle Kasaboski, and the Queen's Indigenous Women Drummers.

    This year, the Ban Righ Foundation is recognizing the exemplary work of Dr. Louise Rang, with the Mentorship Award, and Georgina Riel, with the Leadership Award.

    The Ban Righ Foundation Mentorship Award recognizes a Queen’s University faculty member who identifies as a woman and has demonstrated mentorship and knowledge-sharing, has supported or continues to support women in achieving their goals, and has inspired a student or students.

    The Ban Righ Foundation Leadership Award is given to an individual who identifies as a woman and whose leadership has built capacity and fostered opportunities for others, made positive contributions to the Kingston community, and has been inspirational.

    “We are delighted to support female leadership by recognizing the extraordinary work of this year’s award recipients,” says Susan Belyea, Director of the Ban Righ Centre. “It is thanks to women like Dr. Louise Rang and Georgina Riel that the Queen’s and Kingston communities continue to thrive and foster inclusivity.”

    [Dr. Louise Rang]
    Dr. Louise Rang

    Ban Righ Foundation 2019 Mentorship Award – Dr. Louise Rang

    Dr. Louise Rang is an attending emergency physician and assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Queen’s. She is described as an inspiring and thoughtful person who has helped countless students transition from “timid residents, to confident emergency physicians.”

    Throughout her career, Dr. Rang has helped build support networks for work-related trauma, and has become a mentor and friend to many.

    Her award nomination states: “To sustain is to strengthen. Dr. Rang mindfully sustains those around her through troughs, peaks, and every curve in between. She is a true mentor and most deserving of recognition.”

    [Georgina Riel]
    Georgina Riel

    Ban Righ Foundation 2019 Leadership Award – Georgina Riel

    Georgina Riel is the owner of Riel Cultural Consulting and is a traditional knowledge caretaker, educator and community builder. She is known to be outspoken, warm and empathetic, with an inherent ability to connect with others.

    Among her many contributions to the community, Riel has helped bring Indigenous knowledge and histories into the education system, at cultural events and through the establishment of political groups and social service organizations.

    “Whether in the public sector, the non-profit world, correctional services or the private sector, Georgina Riel has worked to bring people together, to highlight traditional Indigenous knowledge and to foster healthy communities and working environments.”

    The 2019 Ban Righ Inspiring Women event will be held on Wednesday Oct. 23, 7:30 pm at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

    To learn more about the event, visit the Queen’s University Events Calendar.