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    Chancellor honoured at installation dinner

    • Chancellor Jim Leech delivers his address. (Stephen Wild Photography)
    • Chancellor Leech poses with members of his family. (Stephen Wild Photography)
    • Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke at the dinner. (Stephen Wild Photography)
    • Honorary degree recipient Shaf Keshavjee is a pioneer in lung transplantation. (Stephen Wild Photography)
    • Principal Woolf addresses the audience. (Stephen Wild Photography)
    • A. Britton Smith and the Honorable Peter Milliken were among the attendees of the dinner. (Stephen Wild Photography)

    Prior to Jim Leech's installation ceremony as Queen's University Chancellor on Nov 18th, friends, family and members of the Queen's community attended a special dinner held in his honour. Held in Ban Righ Hall, the dinner brought together Principal Daniel Woolf, Premier Kathleen Wynne and a host of others to toast Mr. Leech's installation as chancellor.