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Change to Queen’s streaming service platform

Queen’s streaming service, provided by Ensemble Video, is being transitioned to the Panopto platform.

What is happening?

Prior to Aug. 9, 2022, Queen’s streaming service was provided by Ensemble Video. As of Aug. 9, the service will be provided by Panopto.

Like Ensemble, Panopto has been integrated directly into onQ and provides many options for uploading, editing, storing, and sharing content. We are looking forward to the addition of some new and improved features with this solution.

What happens to my content in Ensemble?

Content that is currently stored in Ensemble will be migrated to Panopto in the coming weeks and a redirect service will be in place to ensure all videos continue to play. This redirect service will ensure links to videos embedded within websites, onQ, etc, continue to work seamlessly despite the links pointing to Ensemble.

If users need to access content in Ensemble, they can do so by visiting the following link: https://stream.queensu.ca/app/default.aspx

Who has access?  

Panopto is available to all faculty and staff who require streaming support. Faculty can continue to access the platform through onQ for course development.

If you don’t use the onQ integration, you can access Panopto here: https://queensu.ca.panopto.com/

Help and Support  

Check out the resources below for tutorials, FAQs, and help with Panopto: