Cleaning to combat coronavirus

Cleaning to combat coronavirus

More Confronting COVID-19 Stories Queen’s custodial staff ready and working to keep campus spaces COVID-19 free.

By Dave Rideout

March 26, 2020


Essential to the effort to combat COVID-19 are effective and enhanced cleaning measures. That’s why the university’s Physical Plant Services (PPS) is incorporating improved methods and processes for cleaning campus, to keep the Queen’s community safe.

“Although the majority of Queen’s employees are working from home, our custodial team is on site doing fantastic work to ensure our spaces remain safe for those members of our community still present on campus,” says John Witjes, Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities). “I want to express my appreciation to our dedicated professional and well-trained cleaning staff during this difficult period for their crucial role in keeping our campus safe.”

Standard operating procedures focused on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as washrooms, stair railings, doorknobs, and elevator controls continue unabated. PPS’ Custodial Support Services is focused on typical high-usage areas and buildings that are still occupied, and they have been equipped with industry best practice tools needed to ensure surfaces are clean and disinfected, including microfiber cloths and Green Guard Gold-certified chemicals.

For buildings that are closed now, custodial teams are cleaning and detailing the spaces to ensure the best cleanliness experience for students, staff, and visitors, once the university community returns to campus.

Special custodial response team ready to confront COVID-19

A special response team within Custodial Support Services has been trained to standards set by the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC), should it be determined that a location on campus has had possible or confirmed exposure to COVID-19. The PIDAC-trained team is set to perform isolation cleaning for any campus locations exposed to the virus, using enhanced chemicals and techniques to ensure spaces are sanitized completely.  

If you have any additional questions or custodial concerns please call 613.533.6757 or email the team.