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    Colourful orientation

    • [Orientation Week]
      The Frosh Parade was held Wednesday morning as incoming students marched around campus.
    • [Orientation Week]
      Incoming students march past Grant Hall at the start of the Frosh Parade on Wednesday morning.
    • [Orientation Week]
      First-year students from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science learn some dance moves.
    • [Orientation Week]
      A first-year Commerce student turns to her friends after being asked a question about Queen's history.
    • [Orientation Week]
      A group of first-year students pose for a photo on Tuesday at the art piece near Summerhill.

    There's no more colourful time at Queen's University than Orientation Week.

    Campus is filled with song, dance and activities while the students don a variety of colourful outfits from the maroon of Commerce to the purple of Engineering to the gold of Arts and Science.

    Incoming students are being welcomed into the community as well as being introduced to the many traditions that make up the Queen's experience, an experience they will never forget.