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An easy way to stay active during study time

Queen’s University Library and Athletics and Recreation’s Get Your 150 campaign are partnering to offer students a designated movement space while they study for their upcoming exams.

Stauffer Library
Stauffer Library is a favourite study spot for Queen's students during the exam period. A partnership between Queen's University Library and Athletics and Recreation has created a designated movement space in Stauffer Library. (University Communications)

“As a kinesiology student, I believe in the power of exercise to make your life, or even just your day better, and this is especially important during exams,” says Amy Stephenson (MSc’18 ), a Get your 150 Campus Outreach Ambassador who championed the pilot project. “Having a space in the library makes it that much easier for students to centre themselves and refocus during this stressful time.”  

The designated movement space was created in one of campus’s most beloved study spaces, Stauffer Library, in answer to the inherently stationary nature of study. Students, staff and faculty who are looking for an active study or research break are invited to make use of this space on the southwest corner of the fourth floor, which will feature challenges to get moving through quiet activities such as lunges, squats, planks, and yoga poses. Please see the Get Your 150 Facebook page for ideas and challenges.

“Students love the library, and we often hear them joking that they live here during exams. With Stauffer Library being open 24 hours a day during this time, we can confirm that students are spending many, many hours studying here,” says Martha Whitehead, Vice-Provost (Digital Planning) and University Librarian. “We hope they will embrace this space to take active study breaks in support of their mental and physical wellbeing as well as their learning.”

Scheduling and taking regular breaks are part of an effective study plan and are important for students’ health and wellbeing.

“Queen’s Athletics and Recreation is pleased to collaborate with Queen’s University Library to offer a location for students to move, reduce stress, and take a break while studying,” says Tiffany Bambrick, Coordinator, Fitness and Wellness Programs, with Athletics and Recreation. “This Get your 150 pilot project strives to help our students find balance between a healthy lifestyle and the pressures of school. Amy Stephenson’s drive and determination are a great example of students helping students to enjoy the benefits of regular activity.”

Students using the designated movement space are reminded that they should bring their personal belongings with them to protect themselves against property loss. The space is available until Thursday, Dec. 21.