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Fostering equity and diversity on campus

The Human Rights and Equity Office is offering new online training resources.

Power, privilege, bias, decolonization, and inclusive teaching practices are some of the most important topics in higher education today. A series of new training resources launched by the Human Rights and Equity Office, several of which were developed in collaboration with campus partners such as the Division of Student Affairs and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, now offers extensive online instruction on these subjects.

“As Queen’s continues its efforts to become increasingly diverse and equitable, it is important that all faculty and staff members have resources to help them provide inclusive spaces for learning, working, and serving the community. The Human Rights and Equity Office is pleased to serve as a hub for these resources,” says Stephanie Simpson, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion). 

These training resources are now available on the new website for the Human Rights and Equity Office. Faculty and staff are able to use these resources at any time, either on or off campus. The Human Rights and Equity Office also offers a variety of in-person training sessions.

Designed with user engagement in mind, these training resources use interactive media, videos, visuals, and other rich content to bring the lessons they’re teaching to life. Many of the trainings end with “toolkits” that leave users with additional resources they can explore to learn more about the topic.

The full list of new online training resources is:

  • Power, Privilege, and Bias
  • Conversations on Decolonization
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Inclusive and Responsive Teaching
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Leading, Including, Transforming!
  • Working Together: Building an Inclusive Queen’s Community
  • Achieving Safety and Respect in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias

Education is an important part of the work of the Human Rights and Equity Office, which was created in 2018 when the Human Rights Office and the Equity Office merged.  Since forming, the office has embraced a mission to advance a culture of human rights, equity and inclusion by inspiring and educating community stakeholders. 

To fulfill this mission, the Human Rights and Equity Office offers four different types of services: Human Rights Advisory Services; Equity Services; Sexual Violence Prevention and Response; and an Accessibility Hub.

More information about these services and the office’s mission can be found on their new website. The new training resources can be accessed on the education section of the site.