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Learn how Queen's is planning for our safe return to campus.

Getting the word out on protecting property

Safety Information Session
Murray Skeggs of Queen's University Campus Security speaks with a student about how to secure his bicycle, during an information session held Friday. In the background is Const. Kelly Reshnyk of the Kingston Police Force. University Communications

It only takes a few seconds for someone to steal your bike or laptop unless you take some preventative measures.

That was the message at a special information session Friday at Queen’s University hosted by the Campus Safety Working Group in partnership with the Kingston Police.

Const. Greg Harbec pointed out to visitors at the corner of Union Street and University Avenue that you should never leave your laptop out of your sight, even for a bathroom break. For bikes, the key is securing them properly.

Simple stuff really, but all too often forgotten.

Along with fellow Const. Kelly Reshnyk and Murray Skeggs and Donna Wolf of Queen’s University Campus Security, the team answered questions from students and helped engrave bikes and computers with identifying information.

There will be three sessions overall, with the next scheduled for Oct. 7 at the Queen’s Centre focusing on personal and home safety. The final session, on community resources available to students, is set for March 11, at the Queen’s Centre as well.

The sessions are aimed at addressing some of the top safety issues identified through the 2013 NCHA Student Health and Wellness Survey. The Campus Safety Working Group is comprised of Student Affairs, the Alma Mater Society, Queen’s Security, University Relations, Residence Life and Environmental Health and Safety.

Safety tips

Three easy steps (FS2) for protecting your laptop and bike and make it easier for police to recover and return your property.

Find it: Record the serial number, make, model, size, colour, and value of your bike or computer.

Shoot it: Take a photograph of your bike or computer, including the serial number. Will also help in dealing with your insurance company.

Secure it: Get a quality U-bolt lock for your bike.