Heart-to-heart exchange

Heart-to-heart exchange

Queen’s researcher Amer Johri heads to China for cardiovascular research experience

By Anne Craig

July 12, 2016


Queen’s University researcher Amer Johri will travel to China this August to participate in a unique two-week science exchange program.

Dr. Johri who is a heart and stroke researcher was selected from a number of highly competitive applicants to share his experience with other clinician scientists at the Sun Yat-Sen University in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre, one of China’s top institutions for higher learning.

 The Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology selected and funded Dr. Johri (Biomedical and Molecular Science, Cardiology) to participate in the science exchange at Sun Yat-Sen University, which features the largest affiliated hospital system in China.

“This amazing opportunity allows us to learn first-hand some of their cutting edge techniques in cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment to further enhance and energize our local research program here in Kingston” says Dr. Johri who runs the Cardiovascular Imaging Network at Queen’s (CINQ), was trained at Harvard University, and holds a Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario Clinician Scientist early career award.

The CINQ lab is a collaborative node for cardiovascular innovation, clinical practice and medical training in advanced imaging techniques (www.CINQLab.com). In China he will work with prominent biomedical engineers and clinicians to develop techniques allowing earlier and better detection of heart disease and stroke, and thereby expand the global reach of the CINQ collaborative.

“This exchange is an amazing opportunity for Queen’s ” says Dr. Johri. “Sun Yat-Sen University is a very outward-looking and highly networked institution, pursuing exchanges with the world’s top medical schools including John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. I’m honored that our institution was considered to take advantage of this knowledge exchange alongside such esteemed schools”.

In addition to seeking knowledge in China, Dr. Johri, who was recently elected to Chair of the American Society of Echocardiography Vascular Council, hopes to raise the profile of this organization in Guangzhou. Finally he is looking forward to events the Chinese Ministry has organized for this exchange- including ‘opening and closing ceremonies’ and an official tour of the Great Wall in Beijing.

Follow him on twitter at @amerjohri to see the adventure unfold.

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