Indigenous Education added to Principal's Teaching and Learning Awards

Indigenous Education added to Principal's Teaching and Learning Awards

Coordinated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the awards are presented to individuals and teams for their innovation and leadership in teaching and learning at Queen’s.

By Communications Staff

June 11, 2020


The Principal’s Teaching and Learning Awards have expanded to seven this year with the introduction of the Principal’s Indigenous Education Award.

Since the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Final Report in March 2017, Queen’s University has endeavored to meet the calls to action, including decolonizing curricula by  expanding perspectives and educational resources that integrating Indigenous pedagogies and ways of knowing into curricula across academic programs. 

Since then, there has been significant progress. The purpose of this new award is two-fold, and therefore there will be two awards within this category. One award will recognize excellence and innovation in teaching and learning by non-Indigenous faculty or staff working to decolonize curricula and honour Indigenous pedagogies and ways of knowing by broadening conceptions of what is valid knowledge in the academy. The second award will recognize Indigenous-led teaching and development of Indigenous content that has had a profound impact on broadening student learning of Indigenous content, and ways of knowing, doing, believing and feeling.  

“Universities play an important role in promoting knowledge and with that, cultural understanding and awareness. It is crucial that Queen’s develop curricula and programs that foster a greater respect and integration of Indigenous knowledge, traditions, cultures, histories, and experiences,” says Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane. “Faculty and staff across Queen’s have taken this task to heart and this award is an excellent opportunity to recognize their work in ensuring that Indigenous knowledge is an integral part of the university’s educational and community mandate.”

Principal’s Teaching and Learning Awards
Principal’s Indigenous Education Award
Michael Condra Outstanding Student Service Award
Promoting Student Inquiry Teaching Award
Curriculum Development Award
Educational Leadership Award
Educational Technology Award
International Education Innovation Award

Meeting recommendations

Another recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force was the establishment of an Office of Indigenous Initiatives to provide centralized coordination for both academic initiatives and student support. Within that scope the Office of Indigenous Initiatives has been tasked with promoting curricular enhancement and research excellence in the areas of Indigenous histories, contemporary issues, and conciliation.

“Queen’s students benefit from exposure to Indigenous knowledge and experiences,” says Kanonhsyonne (Janice Hill), Associate Vice-Principal (Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation). “Since the release of the TRC Task Force Final Report there has been a concerted effort to bring Indigenous knowledge into the classroom. It is encouraging to see the progress to date and we are hopeful that will continue in the future.”

Celebrating teaching excellence

Coordinated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Principal’s Teaching and Learning Awards celebrate teaching excellence and trans-disciplinary leaders in teaching while also highlighting the diverse ways in which the student learning experience is enhanced by educators and educational supports at Queen’s. Other categories include excellence in educational leadership, student support, promoting student inquiry, international innovation, and curriculum development.

“At Queen’s we are fortunate to have such innovative faculty and staff who are not only leaders in the area of teaching and learning but are also committed to enhancing the student learning experience,” says Sue Fostaty Young, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning. “There is a real commitment to examining the knowledge systems that our courses are based on and integrating Indigenous ways of knowing into curricula. By recognizing leaders in this area, we hope to inspire the Queen’s community to contribute to the ongoing process of reconciliation through educational reform.”

The original deadline has been extended to June 29 at 4 pm EST.

Visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning website to learn more about the Principal’s Indigenous Education Award and to submit a nomination.