Input sought on Queen's learning outcomes

Input sought on Queen's learning outcomes

June 17, 2015


The Queen’s-specific Learning Outcomes Working Group has launched a survey to seek input on what the essential outcomes of a Queen’s education should be.

Learning outcomes survey

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The survey is part of the working group’s consultation process and will inform the development of a set of learning outcomes that reflects the distinctiveness of a Queen’s education.

“Learning outcomes are simply the skills or knowledge that we want students to develop during their studies, such as critical thinking, leadership or ethical reasoning,” says Jill Scott, Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) and chair of the working group. “While the university already integrates learning outcomes at the course, program and degree levels, developing learning outcomes for the university as a whole will help Queen’s gauge its effectiveness at developing these skills and identify where additional focus might be required to support our students’ success.”

The working group has already held focus groups for faculty, staff and students and continues to undertake consultations across the university, including through this survey. Once the first round of consultations is complete, the working group will prepare a proposed list of Queen’s learning outcomes that are aligned with existing program- and degree-level learning outcomes, and seek further comment from the university community. It will then bring its recommendation forward to the Senate Committee on Academic Development and the Senate.

The working group was established by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning to identify learning outcomes for the university that reflect both academic and co-curricular qualities that highlight the distinctiveness of a Queen’s University education. Its members include representatives of faculty, staff and students.

For more information visit the webpage of the Queen’s-specific Learning Outcomes Working Group or contact Peggy Watkin, Associate Director, Academic Initiatives, in the office of the Provost.