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Last week to complete fall term break survey

Now that fall term break 2021 has passed, the Queen's community is encouraged to share their thoughts about the break by completing the fall term break survey.

The university first instituted a fall term break as a pilot program three years ago, and the Queen’s Senate Committee on Academic Development and Academic Procedures (SCADP) has recently created a task force to make a comprehensive recommendation regarding its future. The task force created the fall term break survey to consult with the Queen's community and gather feedback from Queen’s students, faculty, staff, and community members.

The survey opened Oct. 1 and is available until Oct. 22.  It asks participants about their preferences for when fall term break should occur and how to divide the six weekdays without classes each fall that are currently split between orientation, fall term break, and pre-exam study days. Participants in the survey can also indicate if they would prefer not to have a fall term break.

Learn more about the Fall Term Break Task Force on the Queen’s Secretariat website and take the survey anonymously through Qualtrics.