Message from Principal on Queen's encampment


Message from Principal on Queen's encampment

May 11, 2024


As we have witnessed over the past number of weeks, universities and colleges across North America are increasingly seeing encampments on their campuses. While differing in size and scope, these encampments involve groups of individuals occupying campus spaces and asserting demands of academic institutions regarding the war in the Middle East. 

Yesterday, a group of people came together to make similar demands of Queen’s. A number of individuals at this gathering have now set up tents on campus and remain in place. 

As I have said many times, our campus must be a place where all can feel safe, even when challenged in debate and discussion. The University’s policy on Free Expression affirms the university’s position on the rights and responsibilities of individuals associated with free expression. Queen’s is a diverse community, reflecting a variety of often differing perspectives. The university’s primary focus where people are exercising freedom of expression is to ensure it is exercised safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and policies. 

Let me be clear, Queen’s will do everything it can both to responsibly uphold free expression and to protect the safety of our staff, students, and faculty. Harassment, discrimination, intimidation, restriction of movement and threats of violence will not be tolerated. 

To the Queen’s community – we all have a right to safety as we work and study on campus, and while respectful debate and discourse is encouraged, the safety and security of our staff, faculty and students is our priority.


Patrick Deane

Principal and Vice-Chancellor