A message from Principal Woolf

A message from Principal Woolf

Queen’s stands together with LGBTQ+ community.

June 17, 2016


There is little anyone can say that can take away that nauseating feeling of hearing that yet another mass murder has occurred. It seems to happen so often these days that the feeling can linger long enough to carry you through to the next tragic event, and we slowly and unwittingly become numb to these senseless acts.

The shootings in Orlando early Sunday morning brought many complex and sensitive issues to the forefront of our minds. But, in particular, it was a reminder of the violence, discrimination and hatred that the LGBTQ+ community continues to face.

Within our campus and beyond, we must work together to change this reality and create accepting and diverse communities. It’s on all of us.

Early Monday morning, we lowered the flags on campus to honour the 49 people who lost their lives in Orlando, and their families and friends who must say goodbye to their loved ones far too soon, and those who are still fighting for their lives. Today, when the flag rises back to the top of the mast, it will be a flag of pride.

Let the Pride flag be a reminder that Queen’s is a positive and safe space that celebrates gender and sexual diversity, a reminder to those who identify as LGBTQ+ that the rest of the Queen’s community stands in solidarity with you, and that love is love and we will not give in to hate.

This Pride Week, let us be more proud than ever.