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Multimedia lab sheds light on online courses

New online teaching and learning lab features Queen's first lightboard and other amenities to liven up online courses.

[Eric Tremblay shows how the lightboard works] (Photo: PPS)
Eric Tremblay, Manager of Online Learning and Development with the Engineering Teaching and Learning team, demonstrates how the light board works. The lightboard is available for instructors to use to teach online courses. (Photo: PPS)

The new Engineering Teaching and Learning (ETL) Lab aims to bridge the interaction gaps that come with online learning.

[Mr. Tremblay and other Engineering Teaching and Learning team members test online teaching spaces in the lab.] (Photo: PPS)
Mr. Tremblay and Simon Bailey, Instructional Designer with the ETL Lab, test online teaching spaces in the lab. (Photo: PPS)

Located in Dupuis Hall in room G25, the multi-media lab features new technology and ergonomic workspaces to help instructors teach online courses. 

“The ergonomic desks enable staff to easily move to standing or sitting positions, which facilitates collaboration when an instructor drops into the lab and has questions,” says Eric Tremblay, Manager of Online Learning and Development for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

The space is used by staff and faculty in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Members of other faculties are welcome to take a tour of the lab, talk to staff members, and learn about the services they can provide for a fee.

“In order to create a flexible work environment, we added height-adjustable desks, lots of whiteboard space, and areas for collaboration,” says Lindsay Down, designer with the Physical Plant Services (PPS) team. “Each desk has a privacy screen that moves up and down as the desk is adjusted, providing some visual privacy. We also used pops of bold colour in the paint and furnishings to make the lab more welcoming and vibrant."

[An ETL lab staff member uses an ergonomic desk] (Photo: PPS)
Mr. Bailey uses one of the ergonomic desks available in the lab. (Photo: PPS)

In addition to the new workspaces, the ETL Lab also features Queen's first lightboard, the most innovative piece of technology in the lab. The lightboard is located in a soundproofed video and audio recording studio within the lab. Instructors can bring their presentation to life in a more eye-catching, engaging, and humanizing way while teaching.

“This project helps Queen’s modernize our online learning space to make it more welcoming and to promote collaboration and effective communication between instructors and students,” says John Witjes, Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities). “The project teams have created a wonderful space that will help instructors bring their course work to life and help students engage with the material.”

For additional information, visit the Engineering Teaching and Learning Lab website.