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    New faculty get to know Queen's

    • New Faculty Orientation
      New faculty members at Queen's listen to Robin Attas, Educational Developer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, as she talks about the resources that are available. (University Communications)
    • New Faculty Orientation
      Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Tom Harris welcomes new faculty members during their orientation session. (University Communications)
    • New Faculty Orientation
      New faculty members at Queen's were welcomed to the university during a recent orientation session hosted at Robert Sutherland Hall. (University Communications)
    • New Faculty Orientation
      New faculty members from across Queen's University were introduced to the range of resources and supports that are made available to them. (University Communications)

    New faculty members at Queen’s participated in a pan-university orientation session on Thursday, Aug, 22, providing them with the tools and information they need to settle in and succeed as they begin the next stage of their careers.

    The close to 60 attendees heard from administrators, staff, and fellow faculty members through a series of interactive activities, presentations, panel discussion, and question-and-answer periods, introducing them to the many resources that are made available by the university.

    Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Recruitment and Support Program in the Faculty Relations Unit the orientation session is also an important opportunity for networking and making new connections from across the university community.

    “Bringing in new faculty is a key investment for both the university and the new faculty member. This orientation session is really important as it helps provide a solid foundation for moving ahead,” says John Pierce, Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning). “The university is a large and complex institution and workplace, and new faculty orientation allows us to introduce our newest members to structures, policies, and protocols, as well as the resources and supports that are available.”

    Yolande Bouka arrives at Queen’s from George Washington University in Washington D.C. as an assistant professor in the Department of Political Studies.

    She says that the icebreakers were a great way to start the day as she was able to connect with other new faculty members from across the university who will be going through the same processes as she does over the next few months and years.

    The orientation session, in many aspects, was a good introduction to life at Queen’s, she says.

    “I really enjoyed the panel talk (on research services) a lot with regards to understanding what the different resources are available to us faculty members,” Dr. Bouka says. “I am actually amazed at how much is out there to help us get our job done and to help us be successful. It’s been really nice to get to know people but to also get that information, all in one spot.”

    With this new information she is looking ahead to the start of classes just a few weeks away.

    “I’m really looking forward to meeting the students,” she says. “Obviously research is a very important part of being a professor but I absolutely love teaching and I am looking forward to meeting the students and the graduate students to see what kind of projects they are working on.”

    Faculty Renewal

    Queen’s University has identified faculty renewal as a high priority in support of the academic mission. The five-year renewal plan, launched in 2017, will see 200 new faculty members hired, which nearly doubles the hiring pace of the previous six years.

    Faculty renewal supports Queen’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by giving the university the opportunity to seek, proactively, representation from equity-seeking groups such as women, people with disabilities, Indigenous Peoples, and racialized individuals. It will also build on Queen’s current areas of research strength.

    More information for faculty members is available on the Faculty Relations Office website.