New name, same focus on community issues for campus office

New name, same focus on community issues for campus office

September 5, 2014


To better capture the nature of its work, the Town-Gown Relations Office has been renamed to the Student Community Relations Office.

For Joan Jones, Student Community Relations Co-ordinator who has worked in the position for 15 years, the name change won't mean any alteration to the services she provides.

Joan Jones
Student Community Relations Co-Ordinator Joan Jones provides confidential advice and support to students. (University Communications)

"œThe name may be different, but I'™m still here to help students, faculty and staff solve off-campus problems so they can focus their attention on their work and studies," she says. "œI still help students mediate disputes between housemates, help new faculty decide what neighbourhood will be best for them and their family and whatever other problems people need help with."

When Ms. Jones first entered the position in 1999, it was called the Student-Residents Liaison, but was also colloquially referred to as Town-Gown Relations. "Because everyone was already calling it Town-Gown, I thought it made sense to change the name to reflect that."

Over recent years though, she'™s seen the naming trends change. "œTown-Gown is a phrase often applied to student-town retention and school-business partnerships. It's used by cities and business improvement areas, and it doesn't reflect the work I do," she says. "œStudent Community Relations better encapsulated the purpose of the office."

The Student Community Relations Office can be found in the upper ceilidh of the John Deutsch University Centre.