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New summer studies offered at the BISC

[Bader International Study Centre]
Through Castle Summer+, undergraduate students at Queen’s can take part in a six-week study abroad program at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) at Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England. (Supplied photo)

Applications are now open for Castle Summer+, a six-week study abroad program at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC). 

Undergraduate students in their second through final years are invited to live and study at Herstmonceux Castle in southern England from May 3 to June 15. 

With smaller class sizes and the opportunity to do primary research in their chosen major, Castle Summer+ prepares students for graduate school and offers workshops and learning opportunities that are different from any other study abroad program.

“The academic experience at the BISC is anchored by the belief that there’s nothing better than learning by doing,” says Christian Lloyd, Academic Director at the BISC. “Our Experiential Learning Opportunities and Career-Ready workshops encourage our students to develop the skills they need to succeed through active participation and personal contact with primary sources, outside of a traditional classroom environment.”

Unlike other programs offered through Queen’s, Castle Summer+ brings independent research in the humanities and social sciences to the forefront. The university is committed to advancing global research collaborations, and the interdisciplinary approach of this new program hopes to facilitate international co-operation and student success within these fields. 

Students complete 9.0 units during the Castle Summer+ program, meaning this is a tremendous opportunity for upper year students to have an international experience and build their resumes and networks while staying on track for graduation. Students will also be able to apply the skills they learn over the summer to their studies at Queen’s.

The summer program includes a four-day trip to London, which allows students to travel and immerse themselves in British culture and history, as well as conduct research in world-class museums and institutions

“The Castle experience is a perfect blend of adventure and academics,” says Nick Isaacs (ArtSci’22), a former BISC student. “You really are given every opportunity to grow as you participate in classes taught by amazing professors during the week and get to explore the world on the weekends.”

BISC at 25

This summer the BISC is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. Celebrations will be held over Canada Day weekend and will include poutine, street hockey and the official opening of the new on campus Science and Innovation Laboratory. Starting in Fall 2019, this state of the art facility will allow the BISC to offer a variety of STEM courses. 

For more information about Castle Summer+ and the 25th anniversary celebrations, visit the BISC website.

Applications for the Castle Summer+ program are due by April 1.