Non-academic misconduct advisory committee begins consultations

Non-academic misconduct advisory committee begins consultations

By Communications Staff

October 28, 2015


The Advisory Committee on Non-Academic Misconduct (ACNAM) is now formed, and has begun an extensive consultation process with the Queen’s community.

The committee was announced following direction from the Board of Trustees for the university to review its current non-academic misconduct system with the aim of improving the system to support student safety, health and wellness.

“The committee includes representatives from a diverse range of bodies, including students, university senators, and administrators,” says Principal Daniel Woolf. “We are looking forward to receiving valuable input from a variety of stakeholders as the review is undertaken.”

The committee began its consultations last week at Alma Mater Society (AMS) Assembly. In the coming weeks the group will meet with several other stakeholder groups including Athletics and Recreation, Residences, the Senate Committee on Non-Academic Discipline (SONAD), Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) Council, Senate, and the Board of Trustees. The committee will also host consultation opportunities for several key external stakeholder groups. This is the initial round of consultations; more will be held in the winter term. 

“We recognize there are strongly held views on all sides of this topic, and all are concerned with student safety,” says Principal Woolf. “We want to consider all of those perspectives in a fair process that ultimately results in a better non-academic misconduct system.”

The members of the committee are as follows: 

Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) (Vice-Chair)
Heather Black, University Council 
Chris Cochrane, SGPS President
Kanivanan Chinniah, AMS President
Caroline Davis, Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration)
Bill Flanagan, Dean, Faculty of Law
Deborah Knight, Associate Professor, Senate
Lon Knox, University Secretary
Palmer Lockridge, Student Senator
Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

The committee also includes the following non-voting advisors: 

Michael Fraser, University Relations 
Dan Langham, Environmental Health and Safety 
Lisa Newton, University Counsel 
David Patterson, Campus Security and Emergency Services 
Stephanie Simpson, Human Rights Office 
Harry Smith, University Ombudsman 

The principal will bring forward the recommended student code of conduct for approval by the Board and subsequent receipt by the Senate in early May 2016. 

For more information visit the principal’s website. Comments can also be submitted to