PPS listening to feedback

PPS listening to feedback

In March, Physical Plant Services (PPS) conducted a customer satisfaction survey within the Queen’s community. Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities) John Witjes spoke recently with the Gazette about how PPS is using the feedback it received.

November 25, 2015


John Witjes, Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities)

Gazette: Who did you survey and what was it all about?

John Witjes: We asked students, staff and faculty what they thought about various aspects of PPS, from customer service to the management of large construction projects. The aim was to help us improve our service to the Queen’s community. We had a phenomenal response with nearly 1000 people taking the time to tell us what they thought about the conditions of grounds, snow removal, building air quality, Fixit, and more.

Gazette: What were some highlights from the results?

JW: We received some very positive feedback about the general conditions of campus grounds and landscaping, as well as snow removal. Given that snow was still fresh on people’s minds in March, we’re particularly happy with that response. The survey also showed high scores for the courtesy and competency of both Fixit administrative staff and our skilled trades staff.

Gazette: What were some of the concerns you received and how do you plan to address them?

JW: Many responses suggested that we focus more on recycling on campus. We already have a robust waste diversion program and we are always working through our Sustainability Office to further improve our success rate in keeping waste out of landfill.

We also had some feedback about safety and security. For example, respondents identified the courtyard between Mackintosh-Corry Hall and Richardson Hall as a place that needed improved illumination.  In response to this, we decided to replace some dated lighting and implement a much better lighting solution in that area. This work will be happening soon.

We also received a range of feedback about cleaning services and I want the campus community to know that we’ve heard those responses. We have very dedicated custodial staff and, as a department, we are always working to provide the best possible service with the resources available to us.

Many of the changes we are making are focused on improving communication with the Queen’s community. We have a new website, we’re on Twitter, and we have a PPS newsfeed that gives up-to-the-minute information on closures and changes.

- John Witjes, Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities)

Gazette: Are there other changes you’re making that address the feedback you received?

JW: Customer service is very important to PPS and we are undertaking a project to update the software we use to manage customer work requests. Our survey showed that people want the ability to track work requests for small repairs and maintenance, and the software update will allow clients to enter requests online and see where they are in the process.  The system will be more efficient and fully electronic and will reduce the amount of data entry and paper use within PPS

Gazette: What are your broader goals for PPS moving forward?

JW: Many of the changes we are making are focused on improving communication with the Queen’s community. We have a new website, we’re on Twitter, and we have a PPS newsfeed that gives up-to-the-minute information on closures and changes.

In addition to these, we have reintroduced our quarterly PPS newsletter which highlights our great staff and the interesting work we’ve been doing across campus.   We’ve also been holding Town Hall meetings during which we’ve been communicating with PPS staff and discussing our renewed Mission, Vision, and Values.

We’re listening and responding to the feedback that we have received. It is our intent to issue the client satisfaction survey annually as we would like to continue our conversation with the campus community so that we can provide the best possible service.