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Principal Woolf withdraws from seeking third term

Principal Daniel Woolf announced today that he will no longer be seeking a third term when his current term ends June 30, 2019.

Principal Daniel Woolf
Principal Daniel Woolf announced Tuesday that he will no longer be seeking a third term when his current term ends June 30, 2019. (University Communications)

“Today I informed the Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship that after considerable further reflection over the past several weeks, I have concluded that after having served for 10 years it would be best for Queen’s, and for me, to step down from the principalship at the conclusion of my current term. Having requested consideration for the reappointment during the summer, I have been led to this conclusion both by a sense that the renewal process will be good for the university and by my own wish to return to full-time research and teaching as a professor in the Department of History for a few years prior to retirement, following a period of administrative leave.”

In the committee meeting Principal Woolf stressed that it has been a great honour and privilege to serve as principal of his alma mater, and that he will continue to serve with a strong sense of commitment and energy during the next 19 months as the next principal is recruited.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we would like to thank Principal Woolf for his vision and leadership and for his incredible dedication to Queen’s,” says Donald Raymond, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “Under Principal Woolf’s leadership, Queen’s is in a far better place today – it has been stabilized, re-energized, and has made considerable progress on a number of key fronts. Over the course of his two terms, Principal Woolf has led the university through difficult times and his unwavering support for students has made Queen’s a leader in student experience and a mental health champion across the country. His leadership has positioned us for a bright future. As there is still much to be accomplished, we look forward to working with him and his senior team so that Queen’s continues to thrive over the next year and half. We will, of course, find suitable occasions to celebrate his many accomplishments.”

During the past eight and a half years, Principal Woolf has overseen a long list of accomplishments. Among them are his efforts to improve the university’s financial position, which in turn has allowed Queen’s to begin investing in an unprecedented plan to hire 200 new faculty over five years, the construction of modern buildings and learning spaces, more ground-breaking research, and new ways to support students as they learn and grow at Queen’s. He has shown a strong commitment to the creation of a more diverse and inclusive campus, and to the development of more global ties through our internationalization strategy. Another highlight has been his oversight of the university’s largest and most successful fundraising campaign, the 10-year Initiative Campaign, which raised more than $500 million for the university.

Principal Woolf’s announcement brings to an end the work of the Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship which was being led by Chancellor Jim Leech.

“There is no doubt Principal Woolf has built strong relationships and made strategic decisions that will benefit Queen’s for many years to come. His legacy will be a lasting one,” says Chancellor Leech. “As for next steps, the university will now begin the process of choosing a new principal and details of the recruitment process will be announced as they become available in the new year.”