Provost clarifies Limestone Queen's pathway admission policies

Provost clarifies Limestone Queen's pathway admission policies

August 14, 2014


A recent newspaper report regarding admission standards for international students incorrectly suggested that Queen’s had lowered standards for participants of the Limestone Queen’s Pathway. Craig Leroux, Senior Communications Officer, spoke with with Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) for clarification.

Craig Leroux: What is the Limestone Queen’s pathway?

Alan Harrison: It is a new initiative between the Limestone District School Board and Queen’s that provides high achieving international students with the opportunity to be pre-evaluated for Queen’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) program and to complete their high school studies in Kingston through the Limestone District School Board.

CL: Does Queen’s lower admission standards for pathway participants?

AH: Participants must meet all of the university’s academic and language requirements and deadlines in order to obtain an offer of admission. Students entering the pathway are not given a “conditional offer of admission to Queen’s.” They are pre-evaluated for the Queen’s BA program. Anyone who takes part in the program is required to follow the normal admissions process and apply to Queen’s through the Ontario Universities Application Centre, and meet the same academic and language proficiency requirements as everyone else. 

 Provost Alan Harrison

CL: Is the pathway an “easy way” into Queen’s?

AH: The pathway targets students who would be competitive for admissions at top universities. It is actually a very demanding program, with participants having to complete Grade 12 in English in a new curriculum while performing at a high academic level. They also have to write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, which is a requirement for earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and successfully complete intensive English language training at both LDSB and Queen’s.

CL: Does the pathway ensure students are prepared for university?

AH: Queen’s is committed to supporting the success of all students, including international students. The pathway provides a highly supportive environment and its aim is to ensure that students are prepared for success in university. And we hope they choose Queen’s. In addition to the language training, they are immersed into the local culture and Queen’s and LDSB provide many other supports to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

CL: Does Queen’s actively recruit for the pathway?

AH: No. Queen’s is a partner in the program but the LDSB does its own recruiting. However, attracting international students is a priority for Queen’s and Principal Daniel Woolf. Attracting international students to campus promotes cultural awareness and enriches the student learning experience for everyone. The university’s aim is to double the proportion of international undergraduates to 10 per cent.