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Queen's prepares for Residences move-in day

New coloured zones should help speed up the move-in process.

On Sunday, September 4, more than 4,000 first-year students will move into university residences. The university has been planning for months to make Move-in Day run as smoothly as possible for students, their families and local residents.

This year, the campus residence areas have been divided into coloured zones. Incoming students can find their residence building on the move-in map and download specific driving route instructions along with a coloured zone card to put on their windshield. This will help volunteers place vehicles in the right lineup to speed up the move-in process.

“There’s always a great deal of excitement and energy as we welcome new students to campus,” says Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs. “We have worked closely with the City and Kingston Police who are helping us ensure the arrival process runs as smoothly as possible.”

Residence staff have been working throughout the summer preparing bedrooms, answering a myriad of questions, and organizing staff and upper-year students who will greet new students and their families as they arrive.

Move-in starts at 8 am, when the university will welcome students living in rooms on odd-numbered residence building floors (e.g. 1, 3, 5,).   All students moving into even-numbered floors (e.g. 0/ground, 2, 4, 6, etc.) are assigned to afternoon move-in (12:30 – 4 pm).

Parents can attend one of four Parent Information Sessions being held throughout the day: 10 am – Grant Hall, main campus; 11 am – Grant Hall, main campus; 12:30 pm – Duncan McArthur Auditorium, west campus or 2:30 pm – Grant Hall, main campus. These sessions provide family members with important information to help their students as they transition to university life and connect them to student support service providers to get their questions answered about a broad array of topics and issues to support student academic and personal success.

Staff are being encouraged not to park on campus on Sunday. Area residents can expect lineups eastbound along Union St and southbound on University Avenue.

There will be several street re-directions, road closures and overnight parking restrictions in effect.

Bader Lane will close Saturday, September 3 at 6 pm to provide for one-way traffic westbound.

As of 7 am on Sunday, September 4:

  • Albert Street will be southbound from Queen’s Crescent to King Street
  • Stuart Street will be designated one-way westbound from University Albert
  • St. Lawrence Avenue will be designated one-way southbound from Stuart Street to King Street
  • Queen’s Crescent will be closed at Beverly Street and Collingwood Street.
  • Collingwood Street will be designated one-way southbound from Union Street to King Street.
  • Arch Street will be closed at Union Street
  • George Street will be closed
  • O’Kill Street will be designated one-way eastbound from George Street to Barrie Street.
  • University Avenue will be designated one-way southbound from Union Street to Stuart Street.

There is no parking in the immediate move-in zones. Families are encouraged to “stop, drop and park” at designated lots on campus (for a maximum of 3 hours).

For more information on move-in day, visit the Queen’s Residences move-in webpage.