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Ramadan pre-dawn meals available on campus to students

Housing and Ancillary Services has collaborated with the Queen’s University Muslim Student Association (QUMSA) to develop supports and services to students observing Ramadan during the month of April, including ‘pick and pack’ pre-dawn meals.

Ramadan, which is observed from April 2-May 2, 2022, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and involves fasting during the daylight hours between dawn and sunset. Observers of Ramadan break their fast at night after sunset with a meal called Iftar. According to the Muslim faith, Ramadan is a time of self-examination, restraint, and religious devotion. The month ends with the celebration ’Īd al-Fiṭr, which translates to ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast,’ on May 2 at sunset.

Students on a meal plan can register for the program, which allows them to package their pre-dawn meal the night before using an ECO Container. A dedicated gathering space will be offered in Leonard and Jean Royce dining halls, allowing students to break their daily fast and feast with others observing Ramadan.

Students who have registered for the program, but who must isolate due to COVID-19, will be able to order and pick up all of their meals during their isolation period.

Queen’s Campus Executive Chef, Residence Dining Manager, and Wellness and Sustainability Manager Theresa Couto, a Registered Dietitian, met with members of the Residence Life team and student representatives from QUMSA to determine suitable options for pre-dawn meals, known as Suhoor. Students recommended the best food options during Ramadan and a method for pickup. It was expressed the tradition of breaking fast is a celebratory moment, typically with family and friends, and students would like to gather while enjoying the post-sunset meal.

Organizers expect nearly 100 students to participate in the pre-dawn meal program.

Students can connect with peers through the Queen’s University Muslim Student Association (QUMSA). Additionally, there are prayer spaces across campus for use by students, faculty and staff.

For food-related information, please visit Queen’s Hospitality Services website or email Theresa Couto. Information can also be found on the Queen’s University Hospitality Services Instagram and Facebook pages.