Recruitment made easy

Recruitment made easy

By Communications Staff

December 1, 2016


Applying for a job or hiring an employee at Queen’s will be much simpler in 2017 after Human Resources (HR) implements a new recruitment management system (RMS).

[Project team]
The project team implementing the recruitment management system includes (left to right) Lisa Sansom, Emma Sobel, Marie Doherty, Paul Kerekes, Shaun Cahill, Leah Wales, and Laurie Gee.

“We want to streamline the hiring process, allowing the university to attract high-quality candidates and move them quickly and smoothly through the selection process,” says Dan Bradshaw, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources).

HR plans to launch the new online system in the first half of 2017. The project will focus on the recruitment and selection process from beginning to end for administrative positions. The RMS will reduce manual inputs and activities, decreasing the chance of human error and increasing the speed in which Queen’s hires new employees.

“Based on feedback from hiring managers across campus, we know they find the current process cumbersome and time-consuming,” says Marie Doherty, Director of Client Services in Queen’s Human Resources and the project owner. “We want to address their concerns by giving them a tool that allows them to select the best talent in a timely and professional manner.”

Hiring managers will use the new system at every stage of the hiring process, from getting approval to fill a vacancy to attracting an applicant pool, and from sorting and screening applicants to hiring a candidate. Hiring managers will find it easier to view a list of candidates and determine which ones meet the requirements, reducing the time they spend reviewing resumés.

HR has worked with Queen’s Equity Office to ensure the new system better supports the university’s employment equity commitments. Using the new system, candidates can self-identify as a member of an equity-seeking group during the initial application process.

There are several other benefits for people who are interested in working at Queen’s. Applicants will have the ability to create a profile in the system and apply to positions directly. Furthermore, they can set up career alerts so that they receive an automatic notification when a suitable position becomes available at Queen’s. 

The system will undergo extensive testing during the project’s development phase. HR will share details about training closer to the launch date.