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Remembering the Quebec City mosque attack

Queen’s stands in support of the Green Square Campaign to honour those tragically killed in 2017 shooting fuelled by Islamophobia.

Friday, Jan. 29, marks the fourth anniversary of the attack on Quebec City’s Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, a tragedy since etched into Canadian history as a grim and powerful reminder of the need to confront Islamophobia and all forms of discrimination at every turn.

On a cold Sunday in January 2017, a shooter, driven by bigotry and hate, interrupted evening prayer and fired mercilessly upon worshippers before fleeing. Behind him, 19 people were left injured – many critically – and six lay dead.

“The horror of this despicable act of violence is still vivid for so many Canadians,” says Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor. “I want to express my sympathy and support for those living with the effects of this tragedy – particularly our Muslim students, colleagues, neighbours, and friends – and restate our university’s deep commitment to combating discrimination in all its forms. Hate has no place in our society.”

In memory of those lost, and in solidarity with survivors and Muslim communities across the country, Queen’s stands in support of the Green Square Campaign – an annual commemoration of the attack and a promise to stand up against Islamophobia, hate, and violence in Canada.

The campaign urges supporters to don a green square – representing the green carpets of the Quebec City mosque – as an outward display of unity.

Members of the Queen’s Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives (MSGP) initiative – a project that promotes anti-Islamophobia and facilitates and the study of Muslim cultures that span the globe – invite the campus community to attend a live-streamed vigil tonight, hosted by the Islamic Society of Kingston in honour of the victims. The Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City is hosting an online public vigil as well.

Most years, MSGP and partners host an in-person memorial, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the gathering has been moved online. MSGP’s Director, Adnan Husain, has shared a video commemorating the anniversary of the tragedy on the group’s YouTube channel.

On Thursday, the Government of Canada declared that Jan. 29 will be the National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia.

For more information on Queen’s Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives, visit the MSGP facebook page. To learn more about Queen’s University’s broad, institution-wide efforts to confront racism and discrimination, read the Principal’s Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism.