Research data support


Research data support

December 6, 2023


Researchers worldwide are producing unprecedented amounts of data and data-intensive research is growing rapidly across disciplines. However, research data support services offered at universities are often siloed, which can cause inefficient duplication of services and significant gaps in institutional programming and support. A strategic and unified approach to providing these services is needed to ensure researchers have access to the tools and resources they need.

To address these challenges, Queen’s is participating in the "Building Campus Strategies for Coordinated Data Support" initiative, a cohort-based project with 29 universities across Canada and the US, led by US-based Ithaka S+R. Ithaka S+R is a non-profit organization that offers research and consulting services and produces research reports to sustainably advance research and teaching.

Queen’s involvement in this two-year initiative will help to ensure the effectiveness and future viability of cross-campus research data support services, by:
•    Cataloguing and analyzing research data services presently offered across the institution
•    Investigating the experiences of faculty and students in navigating and accessing existing services at Queen’s and identifying gaps and barriers
•    Building tools to assist researchers in navigating existing services
•    Developing strategic plans for better coordination of current and future services

Queen's researchers, students, and staff supporting research are invited to participate in the process and offer feedback about research data services at Queen’s. Please reach out to, for more information.

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