Senate subcommittee to review honorary degree for Duncan Campbell Scott

Senate subcommittee to review honorary degree for Duncan Campbell Scott

February 1, 2023


A subcommittee of Senate has been established to consider a motion to review the honorary degree granted to Duncan Campbell Scott in accordance with the principles laid out in the Policy on Revocation of or Special Statements Concerning an Honorary Degree. The honorary degree was conferred in 1939.

Consultation and Feedback

Community members are welcome to provide feedback to the subcommittee. Community members can participate in several ways, including an online survey or contacting the subcommittee directly.

The subcommittee membership is as follows:

  • Nathan Brinklow, Chair, Associate Head for Indigenous Studies
  • Ali Akbari, Student
  • Kandice Baptiste, Staff Member, Office of Indigenous Initiatives
  • Owen Crawford-Lem, Rector
  • Petra Fachinger, Faculty Member, Department of English
  • Willa Henry, University Council Member
  • Susan Korba, Staff Member
  • Lea Trotman, Queen's University Alumni Association Member
  • Mark Walters, Dean, Faculty of Law

In addition, specific non-voting subject matter experts shall be included as follows:

  • University Historian
  • University Secretary
  • Representative from the Office of Indigenous Initiatives
  • Representative from the Human Rights and Equity Office

The terms of reference for the subcommittee are available on the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website.

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