A look at the people behind the research

A look at the people behind the research

By Communications Staff

November 26, 2015


A new website has been launched to highlight the multitude of people performing innovative and exciting research within the Faculty of Arts and Science.  

[Arts and Science Research]
The Faculty of Arts and Science has created a new website focusing on its researchers and their work.

The website features information on collaborations between researchers – whether research staff, faculty or postdocs – within the faculty and their projects. The project will also result in a comprehensive database of all the research projects and people at Queen’s in Arts and Science, explains Lindsey Fair, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications for the faculty office.

“So instead of having many individual researcher websites this one website shows how the researchers and /or the projects are connected” she says. “It has a visual display that matches with our internationalization priorities by showing where research is happening around the globe by our faculty and staff – something our international team is very excited about.”

The website also explores the breadth of research being done.

“The site really shows the diversity of research and the types of research within Arts and Science, whether it’s a scientist who’s working in a lab to save the environment or a humanist who is working on a publication independently to explore a historical piece of literature and its meaning – all while connecting them to our four strategic research themes here at Queen’s,” says Lynda Jessup, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research for the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The four strategic research themes for Queen’s, established through the Senate-approved Strategic Research Plan, include Exploring Human Dimensions; Creating, Discovering and Innovating; Securing Safe and Successful Societies; and Understanding and Sustaining the Environment and Energy Systems.

“The Faculty of Arts and Science not only has strength in teaching and learning but across a wide range of research areas as well,” says Susan Mumm, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science.

Ms. Fair adds that that the site will be a good tool for students to source supervisors for projects and volunteer opportunities to get involved at the undergraduate level in research. 

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