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Spectacular science

Annual Science Rendezvous lights the sparks of curiosity.

From its humble beginnings on West Campus, Science Rendezvous now boasts hundreds of exhibits and thousands of visitors. What hasn’t changed is its focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Our purpose is to excite learners of all ages by showcasing the many interesting and important places that STEM education may lead,” says Science Rendezvous founder and coordinator Lynda Colgan (Education). “It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to host this gigantic science party.”

Each year Science Rendezvous features something new and different and this year is no exception. Making its debut this year is an inflatable planetarium, a dome that lets visitors watch the constellations and experience the night sky. Adding to the excitement will be a chance to fly a historic Sopwith Camel biplane in one of two flight simulator on loan from the Museum of Aviation and Space.

“We are remembering the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the First World War and honouring the 1,500 Queen’s students that participated in the First World War,” says Dr. Colgan. “It’s a unique opportunity to fly a historic plane.”

Visitors are also invited to meet Brock Fenton, Canada’s “batman” and world-recognized authority on bats to learn about bat evolution, their specialized biology and unique behavior. Dr. Fenton will also talk about protecting bats and their natural habitats.

The Queen’s 175th anniversary is also being marked at this year’s Science Rendezvous. Mathematician and artist George Hart will be on hand to create a unique geometric sculpture. The work is inspired by work at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNOLab) and celebrates the contributions of Nobel Laurate and Queen’s professor Art McDonald.

“The public can assemble and disassemble the sculpture in the morning but the afternoon commemorative sculpture will be limited to faculty, graduate students, local artists (including curator of the Agnes Etherington) and educators,” says Dr. Colgan. “Then it will rest in a place of honour in Stirling Hall.”

Other events of note include the Green Chemistry Magic Show with Phil Jessop and the Queen’s Chemistry Graduate Student Society, the Queen’s University Baja SAE Design Team, the Kingston Police Force Canine Unit, the Germ Tent from the Museum of Healthcare and chance to build a kaleidoscope.

For information and a Science Rendezvous Kingston 2017 schedule visit the Facebook page.