Statement from Principal Woolf on University District Safety Initiative

Statement from Principal Woolf on University District Safety Initiative

​Queen’s partners with the City of Kingston on new University District Safety Initiative.

June 11, 2018


Today, Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson and I announced a joint initiative between the City, Kingston Police, and Queen’s to help address ongoing safety concerns in the University District. We have been frustrated and disappointed with the unsanctioned and unsafe street parties that take over parts of the University District on certain weekends throughout the year. In the past, we have seen thousands of people spilling into the streets attending these kinds of parties around Homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day, in particular.

I recognize not all of those participating in these events are from our Queen’s community, and the majority of our students do not engage in the types of risky behaviours that are of the greatest concern. Yet even by their sheer size these large parties are a very serious issue that we have worked hard to confront over the years, and they happen on the university’s doorstep. That is why we are now working in close partnership with the City of Kingston and Kingston Police to address this problem.

Cases that do involve Queen’s students who receive tickets under this initiative will be assessed as part of the university’s student conduct system. We will look at each case individually to determine what actions are most appropriate depending on the situation. Circumstances such as the nature of the violation, behaviour, prior history of misconduct, and other relevant factors will be part of the decision-making process of what actions may be appropriate. This will also allow us to intervene if there is evidence that a student is under stress or is experiencing substance abuse issues or mental illness.

Our students belong to two communities: Queen’s and Kingston; and, need to be accountable and responsible citizens to both. Finding ways to encourage good citizenship, address these large parties, and promote student and public safety and community wellbeing is a high priority for me and the rest of my leadership team.

I encourage all of our students to have fun, but to do so safely, and to be aware of the impact of your behaviour on the Queen’s and Kingston communities. I feel confident that if we all work together and make good choices we can help make Kingston and the University District safer for everyone.

Daniel Woolf
Principal & Vice-Chancellor