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Statement regarding anonymous document alleging false claims to Indigenous identity at Queen’s University

Recently, an anonymous document has been circulating on social media leveling allegations against several members of the Queen’s University community and accusing them of making false claims to Indigenous identity. The PDF document misleadingly uses the Queen’s University name; to be clear, this document was not commissioned or approved by Queen’s University in any way. We reject the anonymous document in question, which is misleading and contains factual inaccuracies including some genealogical information of individuals named in the document.

Queen’s supports its Indigenous faculty and staff, and community partners and the communities to which they belong, and its Indigenous Council – all of which have been targeted by these malicious allegations. The university respects and trusts the Indigenous protocols used to identify those it considers Indigenous. The individuals identified in the document are welcome, active, and respected members of the Indigenous and academic communities within the university.   

Queen’s is investigating the origins and nature of the document in question and will take what action it may deem appropriate to support those whose professional reputations are being maligned.