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Learn how Queen's is planning for our safe return to campus.

Storm causes water infiltration at Queen’s buildings

On Saturday, Oct. 16, several buildings on Queen’s campus were affected by water infiltration as sudden and rapid rain volumes overwhelmed the municipal and campus storm water drainage systems.

Much of the damage was minor and drying equipment was quickly brought in to remediate the areas. Several spaces are still being assessed and will require flooring, drywall, and baseboard repairs. A number of teaching spaces were more heavily impacted including Humphrey Hall auditorium and those in the lower levels of Robert Sutherland Hall, which currently remains closed. Repairs in these areas may take up to two weeks to complete. Grant Hall is being used as a temporary teaching location while priority is being given to the restoration of damaged teaching spaces.  

The affected areas are being reviewed by the university to determine where additional proactive measures may be implemented to prevent water infiltration in the future.