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Student Health Services offers evening clinic

[Student Health Services]
Student Health Services has introduced a walk-in evening clinic on Thursdays from 5-7:30 pm. (University Communications)

Student Health Services has introduced a walk-in evening clinic this term to give students more options for accessing medical care on campus.

The additional hours are Thursdays from 5-7:30 pm. Students are advised to arrive as close to 5 pm as possible because the clinic fills up quickly.  

“We recently asked students for their feedback on our services, and the vast majority are satisfied with the care they received and their overall experience,” says Dr. Carolyn Borins, Director of Medical Services, Student Health Services. “The evening clinic responds to student schedules and will help reduce wait times, especially at this time of year.”

Under the sick note policy, students who can’t meet their academic obligations due to a short-term illness should fill out a Self-Declaration of Illness form and take it to their instructors if they need to discuss an accommodation. Students are not expected to get a sick note from any doctor, either on-campus or in the community.

Learn more about Student Health Services and the sick note policy.