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    Students get up-close look at the Isabel

    • [Isabel Open House - Wind Ensemble]
      Members of the Queen's Wind Ensemble practice during the student open house held the Isabel.
    • [Isabel Open House - Ceremony]
      Queen's Principal Daniel Woolf speaks following the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the student open house at the Isabel.
    • [Isabel Open House]
      A special open house for students was held at the Isabel on Saturday, Sept. 13.
    • [Isabel Open House - Sound Lab]
      Visitors explore the Isabel's new sound lab during the student open house on Saturday.
    • [Isabel Open House - Wood Press]
      Students use a wood press during the student open house held at the Isabel.
    • [Isabel Open House - Dan Tremblay]
      Wind Ensemble director Dan Tremblay works with ensemble members during the student open house held at the Isabel.
    • [Isabel Open House - Theatre]
      Vickie Sprenger performs in front of Craig Walker and Tim Fort of the Department of Drama.

    Queen’s students got an inside view of all the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts (also known as “the Isabel”) has to offer on Saturday during a special open house.

    Visitors were able to tour the recently-completed building while also taking in performances by fellow students held in the state-of-the art concert hall, rehearsal hall, film screening room, as well as other locations.

    There also was a hands-on aspect to the day as visitors could learn how to operate a wood press and find out what is happening on campus at the Performing Arts Clubs Fair, held in the lobby.

    The open house wrapped up with a concert by Polaris Music Prize-nominated band Timber Timbre, part of The Isabel Goes Alt concert series. 

    Go online to find out more about the Isabel.