Students show their appreciation

Students show their appreciation

By Communications Staff

March 11, 2015


The Alma Mater Society presented four Queen’s staff with awards this week for “going above and beyond in support of students.”

Recipients of the award were (l-r): Vicky Andrews, Sarah Indewey, Dan Langham, followed by the three AMS executive members and David Patterson. (Photo Supplied)

Recipients of the AMS Staff Award, who were nominated by students across all years and disciplines, come from different corners of the university.

Vicky Andrews, Concurrent Education Assistant, says winning the award was special.

“Because this award is one that’s given by students, I think it’s that much more meaningful,” she says. “We’re unique here in that we have such a small faculty size, so the students know who I am and I get to know them too. It’s a nice, personal relationship.”

Another of the winners was Sarah Indewey (Advancement), whose nomination called her “the most enjoyable person to work with.” Ms. Indewey was praised for her energy, commitment and for the unparalleled support and guidance she provided to student-led initiatives.

The final two winners were Dan Langham (Environmental Health and Safety) and David Patterson (Campus Security and Emergency Services), who were recognized for their contribution to the ReUnion Street Festival.

“Both Dan and David were more than willing to help make sure the festival ran smoothly,” says Philip Lloyd (ConEd’13) and Vice-President (University Affairs) of the AMS. “They came in early, stayed late, and always made sure we asked the right questions.”

Mr. Lloyd’s gratitude extended to all of the winners.

“All four of these people are incredibly deserving,” he says. “There are lots of staff here at Queen’s who are excellent and I hope students continue to go the extra step to recognize them. This sort of appreciation goes a long way.”

Full award citations can be found on the AMS website