Supporting academic success from a distance

Supporting academic success from a distance

More Confronting COVID-19 Stories Queen’s has academic support for students as they transition to remote learning.

March 20, 2020


Photo of student working on a laptop
Students looking for academic support as they learn remotely can turn to Student Academic Success Services. (Unsplash / Thought Catalog)

As students are in the process of learning how their courses are going to change with the transition to remote learning, they may be wondering how best to learn when they are no longer in physical classrooms. But being away from Queen's campus doesn’t mean that they are cut off from the academic support resources that are usually available to them. Student Academic Success Services (SASS), a unit in Student Affairs, is still providing help to students through online resources and one-on-one writing and academic skills appointments.

“Students are being asked to make a sudden change in the way they take their classes, and that can be a stressful situation. At SASS, we want Queen’s students to know that we are still here for them, and that we have resources available that might make this big adjustment to remote learning a little easier,” says Susan Korba, Director of SASS.

Remote consultations and online resources

Students who are new to remote learning may be especially interested in reading the guide for distance students on the SASS website. Through sections on topics such as being an active participant, taking responsibility, and getting organized, the guide gives students an overview of how to adjust to learning outside a physical classroom. Having a sense of helpful academic strategies and approaches can give students a greater sense of control and autonomy in an unfamiliar and potentially stressful situation.

SASS is also continuing to offer its one-on-one consultation program. Students can book appointments for personalized assistance with writing, academic skills, and English as an additional language. While these sessions are usually in person, they will now be held only online to protect the health and safety of the Queen’s community.

Graduate students can continue to take advantage of SASS resources, as well. They can book online appointments for writing, academic English, and learning strategies to work on anything from a section of their dissertation to presentation skills to procrastination and motivation.

“As all Queen’s courses quickly transition to remote learning for the end of the term, instructors will likely be using a wide variety of methods to finish teaching their courses. But no matter what new form classes will take, SASS has resources for students that will help them finish the semester with confidence,” says Korba.

Exploring support options

For more information about the resources SASS is offering during COVID-19, see their website.

To learn more about all the different resources that the Division of Student Affairs is still providing to students, visit the Student Affairs COVID-19 website.